Explorations in Black Leadership

Co-Directed by Phyllis Leffler & Julian Bond

Peace Corps placement

BOND: Now, the Peace Corps, you can't choose where you're going to go. You can suggest where you want to go.

WILLIAMS: You can suggest.

BOND: So, how'd you end up in the Dominican Republic?

WILLIAMS: Well, just sheer blind luck, I guess. [laughs] I was in training and actually I was on my way to Honduras. I was in a group of a hundred people who were going to Honduras and El Salvador and I had studied Honduras extensively. I'd studied the town I was going to be in. My roommate and I had picked out where we were going to live and then this incredible woman, Victoria Sanchez from the Dominican Republic came. She was a Deputy Administrator of Education and she said, "I want to ask you to change your mind. I need ten certified teachers to come to the Dominican Republic." She said, "you'll love it there. The people are wonderful. We have a great relationship with America. We want these teachers to change education in our country," and so I said, "you know, why not roll the dice. Let's try the Dominican Republic," and so I raised my hand. I volunteered again to go to the Dominican Republic.