Explorations in Black Leadership

Co-Directed by Phyllis Leffler & Julian Bond

Leadership Style: Consistency with Different Groups

BOND: Building on the example you just gave us about the invitation you received, do you have a different style when you're dealing with groups that are all black or mixed-race or all white or even the Deltas? Are you different?

PINN: I actually — I think I'm probably the same with all. I don't know that I — I think I'm probably the same. Except unless we're singing the Delta sweetheart song, then I may get a little more jazzy then, but otherwise I think I'm pretty much the same person. I don't try to take on or assume the airs of a group that I feel that I'm interacting with, to me that would be phony. I'm me. I have my style, I have — whatever that is, but I'm me, and my ideas about medicine, about health care. I'm very apt to be discussing things of specific importance to the poor or to immigrants or to African Americans in a mixed group as I am to be discussing general principles, and I think it would be rather phony to kind of try to just be like the group I'm with and change my attitude. At least, I hope I don't, let's put it that way. I hope I don't. I really — to me, that's not being true to who you are.