Explorations in Black Leadership

Co-Directed by Phyllis Leffler & Julian Bond

Credits for the Project

Phyllis Leffler
Professor, Department of History
University of Virginia

Julian Bond
Professor Emeritus, Department of History
University of Virginia

Jama Coartney
Technical Coordinator
Head, Digital Media Lab
University of Virginia Library

Donna Packard
Audio Transcriptionist

Rob Smith and Sherri Winston
Media Communications
University of Virginia Public Affairs Office

Gary Peters
Darden Media
University of Virginia


2013/2014 Site Redesign and Migration

Zachary Wheat
Director of Digital Communications
Arts and Sciences, University of Virginia

Lana Elam
Web Designer/Developer
University of Virgina

Loren Moulds
Web Developer
University of Virginia

Kate Travis
Site Reviewer
University of Virginia, '15

Michelle Delgado
Site Reviewer
University of Virginia, '15

Anna Kromin
Site Reviewer
PhD Candidate, University of Virginia


2007 Site Redesign Team

Mark Laurent
Web Developer
Linguistics, University of Virginia '07

Whitney Naman
Education Modules Content Developer
Ph.D. Candidate in Social Foundations, Curry School of Education

Calisha Myers
Web Designer
Media Studies and Sociology, University of Virginia '07


A Special Thanks to the Many People Who Contributed to the Success of this Project

Over a fifteen year span, dozens of people contributed time and expertise to the success of this project. We would like to acknowledge these contributions by keeping a running list.  If you worked on Explorations in Black Leadership, and don't see your name, please let us know.

Michael Tuite
Digital Media Lab
University of Virginia Library

Judith Thomas
Robertson Media Center
University of Virginia Library

Jeanne Siler
University of Virginia

Jonelle Kinbeck
Office of Public Affairs
University of Virgnia